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Synergies Project Goals

  1. Build synergy articulations (synergistic projects) for any of the six types of synergies

  2. Find evidence from research - research "synergies", and "working synergistically". Focus on:

    1. Finding what it takes to work synergistically

    2. Competencies, skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for people to work synergistically

  3. Look into empirical evidence - study synergistic projects and interview constituents from universities, community, or industry to find how synergies were achieved

  4. Build a professional development program (PDP) for colleagues who want to work synergistically

  5. Promote Synergies to become a framework for "everything teaching & learning"

Synergies Project Levels of Engagement

  1. Synergies Project Affiliates - Work on synergy projects and build our foundations and knowledge for working synergistically. You may join an existing project or propose a new project (requires approval)

  2. Synergies Project Associates - Responsibilities in item 1 above, plus synergies research (items 2 and 3, findings from research and empirical evidence)

  3. Synergies Project Partners - Responsibilities in items 1, 2, and 3 above, plus Professional development program (PDP) about working synergistically and Synergies promotion

Synergies is work in progress. If you have an idea for a synergistic project and want to contribute to Synergies, email Athan at

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